Welcome to our Flagship Childcare Center

Book care by the day—or longer—at our modern, nurturing childcare center in downtown Birmingham. Moxi is modern childcare you can feel good about.

Warm & Welcoming

Moxi provides a nurturing environment where development-focused and individualized care ensures that every child feels welcomed and valued. We work hard to accommodate your needs—Clothe diapers? Dairy free milk? Combo feeding? No problem.

Health & Safety Obsessed

Rigorous safety protocols, including thorough background checks for all employees and intensive daily cleaning standards, as well as organic meals and snacks , is all a part of our  commitment to the well-being and safety of the children in our care.

Play-Based Learning

Moxi's curriculum is thoughtfully designed to encourage child-led play and creativity, under the encouragement of highly-trained educators. This balance allows us to foster an environment where children can explore and grow in educational and engaging settings and enriched with outdoor experiences.

Grandma’s sick. Your other child has a doctor’s appointment. Work needs you in person. Your partner’s schedule changed. You’re double-booked.  You finally made that hair appointment.

Grandma’s sick. Your other child has a doctor’s appointment. Work needs you in person. Your partner’s schedule changed. You’re double-booked. You finally made that hair appointment.

Gym & Coworking
Moxi’s innovative membership model provides unlimited access to onsite coworking spaces and fitness studios, plus full-time and on-demand flexible childcare booking options. Designed to simplify childcare, our cutting-edge app-based booking system supports the busy lives of modern parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to remain on site to use the childcare center?

No! While members are welcome to use our on-site coworking and fitness studios, you do not have to remain on-site to use Moxi’s childcare center. You may drop your child off at Moxi and head out to your day, just like a typical childcare center.

How does on-demand childcare work?

Members may book on-demand care through our app. Once your family account is complete, you select the children and the days you need care for and book through our app. We will follow up and make sure you know what to expect on your first day!

How do I become a member?

Join our waitlist on the Moxi website and you’ll be the first to know about our pre-sell and opening dates.

Is Moxi a licensed childcare center?

We will be! We’re working on it and will have our license before opening day.

Will there be events on-site for parents?

Yes! We plan to offer a wide variety of events for parents to enjoy, including yoga classes, seasonal children’s clothing swaps, post-partum circles, and more!

Are meals included in the price of childcare?

Yes, each child is offered an organic morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack included in the cost of care. We serve simple, nutritious meals that let food’s natural flavors shine and teach children healthy eating habits for life. Always organic. Never salted or sweetened, and sourced locally when possible. We provide at least one choice at each snack or meal to cater to all little taste buds and help children build independence. Sample menu: Morning snack: Unsweetened, organic yogurt with muesli and local raw honey (children over 1) and organic banana slices or blueberries (child’s choice) Organic milk Lunch: Grilled cheese stars ⭐️ made with whole grain bread, organic cheddar cheese and cooked in grass-fed butter Organic apple slices or apple sauce (child’s choice) Organic green beans or sweet potato wedges (child’s choice) Organic milk Afternoon snack: unsalted whole grain crackers Organic cantaloupe or watermelon (child’s choice) Organic milk or water