Executive Coordinator

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Birmingham, Alabama
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$25-30/hour (Part Time)

Moxi is on a mission to make childcare work better for all of us. Parents need flexibility, children deserve to play and learn in safe, nurturing spaces, and childcare workers deserve a good wage and a supportive environment.

Moxi’s innovative approach to childcare is doing just that with our membership model that allows families to book full-time and on-demand care at Moxi’s modern and nurturing childcare centers. Our flagship childcare center is just months away from opening its doors.

We need an organized and resourceful Executive Coordinator to join us on our journey!

As the Executive Coordinator, you will have a unique opportunity to work closely with the Founder & CEO to help create a strong foundation for a new company. You will be a key part of ensuring the organization hits milestones in creative, impactful, and resourceful ways. 

This is a part-time role with a 10-15 hour commitment each week. The schedule is highly flexible and often can be remote, but due to the nature of this role’s responsibilities, the candidate must be located in the Birmingham area and able to work in person at Moxi’s HQ office (downtown Birmingham) and childcare centers on a regular basis. 

This role will have the opportunity to grow into a full-time position depending on the candidate’s goals and strengths.

Operating values

  • Unreasonable hospitality - We believe in the power of giving people more than they expect. As a team and individuals, we go above and beyond what is expected in our pursuit of caring for families, children, and each other. 
  • Humble leadership - We leave our egos at the door when we come to work, and we understand that it takes a village to raise childre, care for parents, and build an innovative company that will leave a lasting impact on the world. 
  • Solution oriented - We focus our energy on solving problems. We learn from our mistakes, but we do not dwell in them. We approach problems directly, even when they make us uncomfortable, and we make a plan for how to do better next time.
  • Innovative thinkers - We try new things, push boundaries, and ask “why” in the pursuit of building the next generation of safe, modern, high-quality care that works for today’s family and caregiver. We know that good ideas and solutions can come from every level of the organization, and we make space for our team members to grow.


  • Manage CEO’s scheduling, working to align her calendar with her priorities 
  • Provide inbox management and communications support to the CEO, effectively capturing her voice and values 
  • Executing travel arrangements and logistics for CEO 
  • Establish an invoice tracking and payment system
  • Document standard operating procedures alongside the CEO and Childcare Director, and refine as needed
  • Help with launch operations for Moxi’s childcare centers, including ordering furniture, receiving deliveries, and helping set up and organize classrooms, alongside teaching staff.
  • Plan and manage events to promote Moxi, including virtual and in-person events for parents, employees, investors, and more.
  • Compensation: $25-30/hour
  • Flexible schedule
  • Professional development opportunities

Grandma’s sick. Your other child has a doctor’s appointment. Work needs you in person. Your partner’s schedule changed. You’re double-booked.  You finally made that hair appointment.

Grandma’s sick. Your other child has a doctor’s appointment. Work needs you in person. Your partner’s schedule changed. You’re double-booked. You finally made that hair appointment.

Mom with two children

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